What to Expect

Counseling services are designed to help people with individual or family concerns. It is our goal to decrease emotional distress so that clients can achieve a more positive level of functioning and experience a greater sense of well being. Our counselors attempt to do this through play therapy, individual, family, couple and group counseling in the shortest amount of time possible. The counseling process is hard to describe in a few generalized statements. It varies greatly on the personalities of the counselor and patient, and the particular concerns you or your children are currently experiencing or have experienced in the past.

Counseling can be helpful in addressing:

What form of therapy will be used to address my concerns?

The first few sessions together will consist of clarifying the problems, identifying goals to be reached, and examining what strategies have already tried to solve the problem. This process will provide not only a direction for our time together, but will also clarify which therapeutic approaches will be most helpful. Some of the more common therapeutic techniques used include but are not limited to:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

This type of therapy emphasizes the role of thought and is designed to help identify and correct distorted negative thinking patterns. The focus of CBT is on resolving present conflicts and typically does not delve into the past.

Solution Focused Brief Psychotherapy

The goal of this approach is to resolve specific problem issues in a timeframe of two to six sessions.

Is Insurance Accepted?

We do accept various forms of insurance for non-litigation cases. Please contact us to determine if we are an in network provider for your insurance company. If we are considered an out-of-network provider, you will be provided with a receipt that can be submitted for possible insurance reimbursement of services.

Do you offer a sliding fee scale?

Our interns, who are under the direct supervision of Kim England, LCSW, do offer a sliding fee scale.

Do you offer therapy in Spanish?

Yes, Mrs. Rebecca Tate, LMSW is a bilingual therapist.



* Please note, prior to the commencement of counseling services to a minor client who is named in a custody agreement or court order, a current copy of the custody agreement or court order, as well as any applicable divorce decree must be on file.

* Please note that for cases that are court ordered, or if there is a court order in place regarding conservatorship of a child, we must have the current order on file prior to providing services.